Marketing Properties In Amesbury MA During The Holiday Months

The real estate economy not only varies from year to year, but also from season to season. There are many misconceptions about selling a property during different months. The following is information on marketing properties in Amesbury MA during the holiday months.

A Few Things to Consider

Fewer properties are listed for sale during the the holiday months, so there is much less competition. Buyers still need to find homes and move during the beginning of the following year, so the holidays is when they must complete their property selection. Being one of the few listings available gives you a higher chance of selling. Additionally, buyers have more time to see homes during the holiday months. Relocation buyers also routinely use the time off to explore a home search. Thus, it is not uncommon to see homes in receiving offers on Christmas or New Years Eve.

Marketing Properties In Amesbury MA During The Holiday Months

If you are not sure about selling your property during the holiday months, consider the opportunities you may be missing from home buyers who absolutely need to find a property during this time and are out seeing properties for sale. A recent survey of real estate agents by found that 79% of buyers looking during the holiday months were more serious. 61% consider less competition among homes to be an advantage. Holding off until the new year may result in your home being lost among the large number of new homes for sale or needing to be priced lower due to the competition.

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