Amesbury School Budget Issues

In Amesbury school fees feed debate was written by the Daily News on May 22nd, 2012 and provides details on Amesbury School Budget Issues . It’s a sign of the times that budgets are growing. Amesbury schools are trying to get back on track but fees look like they will be going up.

Excerpt of “In Amesbury School Fees Feed Debate”

“They’re trying to get the school system back on track; however, I’m disappointed as part of the school presentation, any reduction in fees that folks are paying out of pocket wasn’t addressed,” Councilor Christian Scorzoni said. “I think it’s a real concern. I hear about it a lot in my community.

“Parents could pay up to $1,200 in fees each year.

Bus fees cost $300 per student with a $450 family cap.

Not all students who take the bus have to pay the fee.

State law prevents school fees for students up to grade 6 who live more than two miles away from the school.

Athletic fees cost $250 per student per sport each season with a $750 family cap.

Co-curricular fees cost $50 per student, and preschool tuition is $270 per month for nine months.”

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