10 Star Lane Amesbury MA 01913 – Single Family Home For Rent

10 Star Lane Amesbury MA for rent.  A waterfront single family available for rent for $2225.00 by Jamie Dee Frontiero at Wellsco Realty.  Every Room has a View in this wonderful 3BR, 2BA home nestled along the shores of Lake … [Read more...]

Amesbury MA 2nd Quarter Single Family Market Report

Amesbury was settled in 1655 as a part of Salisbury, but was separated from Salisbury in 1666 and incorporated as the town of Amesbury in 1668. Originally the boundary between Amesbury and Salisbury was the Powwow River. In 1876 Merrimac was … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Purchasing Amesbury MA Homes In 2012

When you look at the facts, it is actually a great time to buy a home. Here are advantages of purchasing Amesbury MA homes in 2012. Advantages Of Purchasing Amesbury MA Homes In 2012 Renting Comparison Rental rates are high even though housing … [Read more...]

Searching Amesbury MA Homes For Sale Online

Searching Amesbury MA homes for sale online can be a daunting task. There are an unlimited number of online resources to choose from. The information below will provide an overview of the different options. Real Estate Websites Are All … [Read more...]

Amesbury Buyer Agency

Are You Looking For A Home In Amesbury? As a buyer searching in Amesbury, you have the option to buyer agency services for your North Shore Horse Property Search. Listing agents have a legal responsibility to protect their seller client. Although … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Problems With Mortgages And Banks in Amesbury MA

Advice on How To Avoid Problems With Mortgages And Banks in Amesbury MA Business with banks can be a bit tricky in certain situations, but it can also be downright undependable. I have witnessed snags in the past that could have been avoided through … [Read more...]

Definitions On Common Real Estate Lingo In Amesbury MA

The Amesbury MA home buying and selling process is complicated enough to begin with. Real estate lingo can make it even more confusing, particularly if you are a first time buyer. Below you will find definitions on common real estate lingo in … [Read more...]

Amesbury MA First Time Buyer Information

The home purchase process can be a bit confusing for first time buyers. The Amesbury MA first time buyer information below can help. Real estate is a big investment and buyers should start with as much information as possible. Before Searching for … [Read more...]

Advice From John P. Wells On Buying A Home In Amesbury MA And Surrounding Towns

Your Guide to Buying a Home in Amesbury, MA. Are you looking to buy a home in Amesbury, MA or the surrounding towns? Let local Real Estate Agent, John P. Wells guide you through the process. John specializes in Buyer Agency and will make sure that … [Read more...]

Elevating Credit Scores Before Purchasing A Home In Amesbury MA

There are several things that you can do to prepare for Amesbury MA the home financing process. A particularly critical one is elevating credit scores as those scores will affect mortgage options. The following are different things that buyers can do … [Read more...]